I joined the gym in September; I was really nervous as I haven't exercised properly for such a long time....years and I am in my mid 50's.  I am absolutely loving being part of this 'family' everyone is welcoming, supportive and encouraging. I am attending some great  PT sessions with Heather Barnett, (pushing me to achieve more... in a positive way!!!) aswell as some classes and support group training....I wish I had plucked up the courage sooner. I am already feeling the benefits with more energy and weight loss. Thanks to Heather, Gareth, Vicky and Vicky...plus all my supportive gym buddies.

Well all you people looking to start a gym, or just some where to go for great advice and great people and staff that are there for you when you need them to help and push you and even try to break you and then rebuild your broken body, then Porthcawl Health and Fitness is definitely the place to go. I have been going for 13 months now, I love doing spin class and my PT sessions with Heather Barnett.
Since I started there a year last September I've lost almost 4 Stone in weight. I am a lot fitter than I could have dreamed of and have completed 3 invncbl's this year. I also feel a lot happier with my self and my confidence has gone through the roof.

I started going to the gym in September to lose some weight and get fit, I booked a personal trainer and I ended up with Heather. She is bloody amazing pushing me every time I go. I have lost just over 2 stone and I am a lot fitter than I ever was. Thanks all.

This is a fantastic gym with brilliant equipment, a diverse range of classes for all fitness levels and a very welcoming atmosphere from the staff and gym goers. Highly recommended!

I'll be honest I was terrified about joining the gym but found this one really welcoming - really encouraging staff and classes have a great atmosphere!

Friendly staff, great advice, plenty of variety of classes. Great local gym for Porthcawl 🙂